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Indian Recipe

Indian Recipe
We will provide you the best Indian Food Recipe on regular basis, Indian food has various flavors as the Indian Culture has, we will share the Indian Recipe from various parts of India. While India has various trade relations since past in history till now, it has a great impact on the Indian Cuisine. Like, Tomatoes are not originally from India but used widely in the Indian Cuisine now, tomatoes came through Portuguese in 16th century. Earlier the tomatoes production was confined to Uttarakhand only and the production was done only for the Britishers. Various other ingredients came to India and well adopted by us and now widely used in Indian cuisine. 
Indian Recipe - भारतीय रेसिपी 

Chicken Recipe:
Barbecued Chicken I Butter Chicken I Chicken Biryani I Chicken Curry I Chicken Dilruba I Chicken Hariyali Fry I Chicken Jalfrezi I Chicken Kebabs I Chicken Korma I Chicken Legs (In Curried Butter) I Chicken Lollipop I Chicken Makhani (Butter Chicken) I Chicken Mushroom Rice I Chicken Pakora (Pakoda) I Chicken Shashlik I Chicken Tikka I Chilli Chicken I Chilly Chicken I Ginger Chicken I Kadhai Chicken I Lemon Chicken I Mughlai Chicken I Murg Musallam I Murgh Do Pyaaza I Palak Chicken I Pepper Chicken I Szechwan Chicken  I Tandoori Chicken I Thai Chicken Fried Rice I Chicken Badami

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