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Jhansi Travel Guide

By Brij
About Jhansi (Jhansi City Information) Jhansi, situated 101km south of Gwalior, is actually just across the border in Uttar Pradesh, but for convenience we've included it here. Although Jhansi has played a colourful role in Indian history, most visitors to the town today go there simply because it's a convenient transit point for Khajuraho. Jhansi, the gateway to Bundelkhand, was a stronghold of the Chandela kings but lost its importance after the eclipse of the dynasty in the 11th century. Jhansi has played a colourful role in Indian history. Rani Lakshmi Bai, better known as the Rani, or queen, of Jhansi was one of the great nationalist heroines of pre-independence India. It offers a fine opportunity to enjoy the arts, crafts and culture of the region. Best Season The best season to visit Jhansi is from October-March. Shopping: The main shopping area is Manik Chowk, Sadar Bazar and Sipra Bazar. 
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