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Visit Humayun Tomb

Visit Humayun Tomb
By Varsha 
I got the opportunity to visit Humayun's Tomb for the first time on 2nd June 2018, as one of American's group who visited delhi, wanted some one to go along with them for the communication. As it was a last moment request i could not make any arrangements, so i decided to go by myself with them. Being born and brought up in Delhi it was little embarrassing for me to tell them that i have never been to Humayun's Tomb earlier. I thought it would a wonderful opportunity for me too, to visit such historical place which is just 3 kilometers away from my office. 
I booked a tempo traveler for them as they wanted to remain together as they were 14 members, it was slightly difficult as we were not getting the tempo traveler due to the Shimla Manali Travel season for the domestic traveler. We kept the option of three Innova's for the last moment problem.

We were waiting in the hotel lobby and the tempo traveler did not arrived at its given time of 9.00 am, when we call the transporter he asked us to wait for 15 minutes, and finally it arrived at 10.00 am, finally we headed towards Humayun's Tomb, the traffic was not much, also the weather was also Ok, finally we reached the place and went to the ticket window.

Ticket Price at Humayun's Tomb
Foreigner - Rs.500 per person
Indian - Rs.30 per person

We purchased the tickets and we were provided with paper ticket and a round shaped plastic token. Initially i could not understand that why we have been given plastic token but when we reach to the entry gate, which was just next to the ticket window, we were asked to touch the token to open the iron bar entry, as we do it in Delhi Metro, also were asked to retain the token and drop it the same place to open the iron bar during exit. 

Long Passage
You have cross a long passage to reach to the main entrance or front gate of the monument. See picture below. I have taken this photo while i was coming back.

Front Gate 
After entering you will have to cross the long passage to reach to the main gate as shown in the picture. Your tickets will be checked here and only then you will be allowed to enter the place. As per the opinion of the people of the group, they found Humayun's Tomb is not at all crowded and they found that it is well cleaned and maintained. 

Main Entrance
We saw the stairs to climb to visit the place as per below picture

Main Monument - The Grave of Humayun

It was really peaceful, the pigeons were all around in the monument. You can see one of the pigeon is relaxing in the lamp hanging over the grave.

A lovely view while looking from inside to outside.

Should you have any query, do write to me on brijvar@gmail.com

Isa Khan's Garden Tomb
After visiting the main monument we came back and found another interesting place called Isa Khan Niyazi's Tomb. You need not to buy any ticket to visit the place as the entry is from the complex of Humayun's Tomb itself. It is in the right hand side of the main entrance, when you enter to the Tomb.

Main Entrance for Isa Khan's Garden Tomb
Back side View of the main entrance

Main Isa Khans Tomb with Veranda

Mosque of Isa Khan

The below picture shows the entance main area which is a huge garden, the entrance is from the broken wall, see picture. The place wehre there is a water tank (white color) is the main gate.

This is a must visit place. While coming back we all dropped the Token in the machine and we were allowed to go out. All the guests started feeling the heat of Delhi and started using the sun cream and we bought more water and some of them bought ice creams which i personally feel was a good idea.

Should you have any query, do write to me on brijvar@gmail.com
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