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Smart Guest

We recently encountered a couple guest in our hotel who does have a habit to find out some issues of hotel and request OTA to process a refund. We did gave refund twice to him to avoid online review. Please find the detail as below: 

We received a booking from the guest from Agoda.com, guest was a couple and the booking was for 2 nights. The first night everything was fine but the next night lady was inside the room and complaint about Air Conditioner is not cooling enough. We asked our maintenance person to check the same, meanwhile the lady guest called his male partner and informed him that she has complaint about AC. But our maintenance person fixed AC in next 15 minutes only. We asked the guest if she is satisfied and she said yes. Her male partner came very late to the hotel at around 1.30 am. When he came he found that one person, probably a driver was sleeping on the chair in the lobby and he made a video of him on his mobile and sent to Agoda people stating that the staff was sleeping and i had to wait to get in to my room as there was no one to give him key. Whereas the Front Office guy came and asked him that why he is making video and at the same time her female partner also came down. After making the video they silently went in to the room. Next morning, we found that Agoda.com requested for the refund for 2 nights on the video sent by guest. To avoid the online review, we accepted the same and refunded the amount. To all our surprise, guest booked again for one night, he came late night and left in the morning and again requested a refund stated that the AC was not working, whereas he did not complaint at reception and when we checked we found that the AC is working fine. But still we refunded the amount to the guest, by that time we understood that he is playing smart with us.

Finally, we took a hard step and requested Agoda.com to block the guest to book our hotel, but i think they have no system of doing that and after few days guest again booked the room, but this time we refused his booking and finally was able to keep the guest away from booking our hotel.


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