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Guest left without paying mini bar bills


A guest arrived in the hotel with his girlfriend. Everything was fine during the check-in and till the guest reached in the room. Guest was hungry and wanted to place the order in the room service, but he could not find the number in the room, generally the menu is kept any of the drawer available in the room. Guest was very hungry so he called the reception and asked them number of the kitchen rather then asking the number of Room Service / In Room Dining. The reception did not inquired the purpose as it should be done as normally guest do not ask the number of Kitchen. The reception guy transferred the call in to kitchen and in kitchen chef attended the call and misbehaved with guest assuming that some room service waiter is making the call. Guest got annoyed and came at reception and complaint about the same . To control the situation, the manager on duty apologies with the guest and to compensate he offered a complimentary lunch to the guests which he accepted. So the situation was controlled in that way. But when guest was checking out, he left the key at reception and left even if the reception guy requested him to stop and wait till the room is checked along with chargeable min bar items. But he did not stopped and when checked the room it was found that he consumed all Mini Bar items and finally the reception guy was charged for the same and the mini bar item's bill amount was debited from his salary. 

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