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Guest Case Study


We welcome all hoteliers on this forum, after long discussion with various hotel managers and small hotel owners, we came to know that most of the guest who comes to the hotel are nice and whenever they face any issue in the hotel they contact the reception and get it sorted out. But now a days these online platform have become popular amongst the guests to tell about the hotel and its services which is in most of the cases is true and good. But sometime guests take advantage of these platforms and share the reviews almost in a manner to take revenge, which actually affects the business of the hotel and sometime few of the staff loose their jobs. 

We request you to share the incidents happened with you where you feel that you were not at mistake or the guests has exaggerate the incident while writing the review.

We request you not to share the guest name or other details, you can share your hotel name and managers / owners name which will be published along with the incident.



Share your guest feedback with us, we will publish the same here and next to your hotel listing.
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