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Gurudwara Bangla Sahib Ji New Delhi

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib Ji New Delhi

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib Ji is situated in New Delhi and about 1 km from Connaught place. It is one of the prominent religious place of Sikh in Delhi. You can find the history of the place by searching on the internet. Being born and brought up in Delhi, i have crossed the place several times and bowing my head in front of the shrine, but could not get chance to visit the place from Inside. In November 2020, due to corona pandemic, i was able to get time, so i decided to visit Gurudwara Bangla Sahib. I live in Burari, Delhi, I decided to go by my own car. The route we took was from Burari chowk we started moving towards Kingsway Camp (GTB Nagar), from there we went straight reached Patel Chest, we crossed the Patel Chest and keep on moving straight and reached a T point, from there we took a right turn and crossed Karanti Chowk, we moved straight and kept moving towrads Malka Ganj, on that route the Kirori Mal College was on our right. We crossed the Malka Ganj Chowk and keep moving straight and when reached a round about where on left road goes to Hindu Rao Hospital and after that another road  goes towards ISBT via St. Stephens hospital. 

We left both the roads and took right turn along side the round about and we reached to the flyover and rose over that as it took us straight to Karol Bagh and We kept on moving straight and then another round about came which connects the flyover (Called Idgah Flyover) we crossed the flyover keeping the Idgah Masjid on our left and reached another round about near to Jhandewala Mandir, we crossed it reached to another round about and took a left turn from that round about and reached to traffic signal in front of the Delhi Heart and Lung Institute. From that traffic signal we took a right turn and came on Mandir Marg, we moved straight and from traffic signal of Harcourt Butler School took a left and reached round about of Gole Market (which is under renovation at present). From there we took a right turn and reahed the GPO (also called Gole Dak Khana), from there took a left a turn and reached our destinaton, we were guided towards parking and it was smooth to park my vehicle and well organized too. The divine feeling started coming in me and i could feel the purity and happiness in that place. We washed our hands before going inside the main hall, it was well managed, and there were straight line was made by sewadar (Volunteers), and i was happy to see that they ware so full of gratitude that even if you do a mistake they will explain you the rules (not too many) with smile. Important thing you should cover your head with a hanky or you will easily get a cloth arranged by the sewadaar. You can deposit your shoes at the designated place and they will provide you with a token, while asking your shoes back you have to return the token. The sewadaar are always smilingly performing there duties there too. Wehn you enter into main hall, you will see the warning that you can't take the pictures, so follow that, when you came out of the main hall you will reach to Sarovar (Sacred Pond), the water in that is sacred. When you come out you will get the Kadha Prasad, must eat it, it is made of wheat flour and very tasty. It is a must visit religious place, different experience. 


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