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Hotels in Alibaug


Alibaug hotels receive guests from all walks of life to be able to enjoy and relish the same comfort and convenience that they aspire to experience on a holiday on beach. Alibaug is a renowned coastal town in the state of Maharashtra, India. Overlooking Arabian Sea, this is a prominent gateway with palm fringed beaches and tranquil picnic spots. To further enhance one’s experience of holidaying at the town, hotels in Alibaug offer a gamut of recreational amenities. So when you are not lazing around at the beach you can spend the time inside hotel premises itself and indulge in these activities to rejuvenate.

Hotels in Alibaug are mostly overlooking the pristine beaches and the azure waters of the sea beyond. The tranquil ambiance of these Alibaug hotels is the work of cool and peaceful surroundings of sun-kissed beaches. Here tranquil ambiance is perfectly coupled with prompt services, decent dining and wining options, overwhelming hospitality and impressive décor. Guestrooms of these hotels in Alibaug are richly designed with classy interiors and large space, personalized services and state-of-the-art amenities.

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