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Hotels in Meghalaya


Meghalaya, an autonomous state, came into existence on 21 January, 1972. The literal meaning of word “Meghalaya” is domicile of clouds, which gets justified with its cloudy spectacles. Most of the expanse is mountainous in Meghalaya, which is a pragmatic Hill station of India.

The tribal communities of Khasis, the Jaintias, and the Garo are found in Meghalaya. The hotels in Meghalaya are conveniently located to facilitate commutation within the state. The hotel in Meghalaya never fails to present the breathtaking views of arresting plateau with rolling grasslands, elevated hills and unruffled river valleys. The agrarian economy of Meghalaya encompasses the crops of potato, rice, maize, pineapple, banana etc. Along with offering fantabulous vistas, Meghalaya offers well appointed hotels with excellent conveniences.

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