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Gudi Padwa Festival Maharshtra



Place of Merriment:Maharashtra

The auspicious beginning of the New Year start with Gudi Padwa celebrations for Maharashtrian. It falls on the first day in the month of Chaitra of 'shuddha pratipada'. It is auspicious time for starting any new work like start building or new house or Graha Pravesh (entering), child admission to school, or begin a new business. Gudi Padwa heralds the season of spring. Here the sun rays increases in intensity. The fruits of mangoes and jackfruits are flowing in the markets. Shrubs and trees are blooming into fragrant flowers.

Meaning of Padwa

The word 'Padwa' is originated from the Sanskrit word for crop called 'Pradurbhu'. In agricultural community, the word 'Padwa' marks the end of one harvest and the beginning of a new one. When the Rabi crop season ends at that time Gudi Padwa is celebrated.

Gudi Padwa - Festivities and Celebrations

People of Maharashtra hang 'Gudis' outside the windows of their homes on this day. They signify the victory of Marathas War fought by Chattrapati Shivaji. They are displayed to thwart off evils. A Pole which is called gudi having on top a kalash (brass or silver pot) hung upside down. It is covered with colorful silk cloth and decorated with coconuts, marigolds and mango leaves.

Maharashtrians welcome the New Year by worshipping Gudi. They distribute 'Prasad' comprising of tender neem leaves, tamarind, Ajwain, gram-pulse and jaggery. This is made into a paste, which is supposed to have some healing properties. On this day, Maharashtrian wear new clothes  and prepare delicacies like soonth panak and chana usal.

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