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Hotels in Rajasthan

The myriad colors of cultural heritage in Rajasthan magnetize millions of travelers to fall in this spectacular state. The sagas of gallantry, heroism and romance can be heard from the walls of legendry monuments and majestic fortresses. The magic of Rajasthan can be explored in exciting desert safaris, breathtaking sand-dunes, glorious festivals and astounding wildlife. The heritage hotels in Rajasthan give new horizons to luxury accommodation.

The stupendous backdrop of Aravalis creates a laid back milieu where one can find the true peace of mind. Rajasthan was settled by the Rajput clan in the 8th century. These clans had great influence on its culture. The state has witnessed royal Mughal Empire for a long period and its impact can be descried in architecture, culture and people. To obtain decent accommodation in Rajasthan, any of the suitable Rajasthan hotels can be booked.

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